Tunes from the album MOONLIT BANG BANG
THE GIRL, THE BEAT (Joana Aderi)
SUGAR DROPS (John Edwards/Joana Aderi)
ELECTRIC EEL (Joy Frempong/Vera Kappeler, words by Slade Hopkinson)
FISH TANK (Joana Aderi)
RING THE BELL (Joana Aderi/Joy Frempong)
CROCODILE (Joana Aderi)
TREE HOUSE (Joana Aderi)
FUNNY MONEY (John Edwards/Joy Frempong)
UN GRAND SOMMEIL NOIR (Edgard Varèse, arr. by Fredy Studer, words by Paul Verlaine)
MANIC DEPRESSION (Jimi Hendrix, arr. by Fredy Studer)
NIGHT (Joy Frempong, words by Anne Bronte)

Tunes from the album CHARCOAL FROM FIRE

A DEATH SONG (Music Joy Frempong - Words by Paul L. Dunbar)

DESOLATION ROW (Bob Dylan - Arr. Phall Fatale)

FADING OUT (Joana Aderi)

FOUR WOMEN (Nina Simone)

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